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A live chat solution: fast, easy, secure& high-load support. It's full-featured Java chat
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6 May 2008

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Many websites today are offering chat feature for their users as it improves the communication process by a great extent. Further it helps in attracting new members for your site. If you also want to add the chat feature to your site and are looking for an easy solution then you can try 123-Flash-Chat-Server-Software 6.9.2. It`s a chat server designed for the high load websites and consists of rich feature-set. Some of its interesting features include provision for separate Chat-Rooms and Avatar Chat module. Further it also allows extensive customization, integration with database, and compatibility with different operating system.

123-Flash-Chat-Server-Software 6.9.2 helps in effortlessly integrating chat features to your website. You can create chat room that comprises of all the interesting features like colorful text, smileys, etc. To catch the interest of the users and to make the chat more expressive you can add avatars. The user would love to change their mood and show different animated images representing their choice. Setting the options you can give users the liberty to add their friends to the profile and even use text chat, video/webcam chat, and voice chat. It supports Java chat server that ensures high level of performance and load support. Chat room and Buddy pace can be separately placed in the profile interface. The configurations are easy to be set and the functions are convenient for the users as well. The language can be changed according to the requirement of the visitors. The chat room can be easily integrated with forums of your choice or any CMS such as Joomla! Post-Nuke, Asp-Nuke, PHP-Nuke, vBulletin, etc.

123-Flash-Chat-Server-Software 6.9.2 can be configured easily thereby lowering the burden of webmasters. Its extensive range of feature combines with its versatility earns it a score of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

123-Flash-Chat-Server-Software is full-featured chat server for high-load websites.
### Benefits.
The website owner sooner or later will realize that a live chat is one of the crucial elements required for sustaining the popularity of the site. What could be more attractive and interactive for a talkative visitor than a chat room? The answer is - a neat, feature rich and easy chat room! Exactly the kind of chat 123-Flash-Chat can create. With the help of 123-Flash-Chat, a dating or community website will be able to turn visitors to loyal members, especially with the two amused new features--Chat-Room Remote Controller and enhanced Avatar Chat module.
### Ease of Use.
Both end-user and administrator will find no problems with adjusting 123-Flash-Chat thanks to its neat customization options. 123-Flash-Chat works well under a variety of operational systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
### Integration.
123-Flash-Chat can be smoothly integrated with almost any database of popular portal or forum system.
### Technology.
The multi-threaded server engine works like clockwork and comes with high load support, ensuring unprecedented performance with any number of visitors and chat rooms.
### Popular.
123-Flash-Chat has gained clients' confidence worldwide for superior performance, ease of use and impressive amount of features. It's no wonder that now 123-Flash-Chat is in high demand and used by more than 2000 customers representing websites in over 70 countries.
### Flexible and Scalable.
123-Flash-Chat-Server-Software is flexible, it includes plain text chat and video chat options, license or hosting options and Language Control. 123-Flash-Chat is scalable to fit the needs from small business to large enterprises. Consult our 7/24 live supporters in the live chat demo to find out which package suits you best!
Version 6.9.2
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I`ve tried many chatrooms and 123 flash chat is the one that works the best. There was a minor issue after installation - I sent an email and the solution came back within hours. Thank you very much for a brilliant chat component.
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